Today was the 2nd joint event by dotnetworks and EGJUG. There was 2 sessions: Oracle ADF a practical experience (which I didn't attend, unfortunately), and dynamic languages on .net, by yours truely :). There were very few people who attended, about 15 people. They were very active and participating, and I believe they liked the session. The main goal of the session was introducing Python (specially IronPython) to the people, differences and similarities to C# & Java, and what to apply lessons learnt from Python to these languages. This is the presentation (which is very simple, because most of the session was practical)

Also you will find the DreamPie session (with the sample files used in the session). DreamPie is an excellent Python shell, which can integrate with CPython, IronPython and Jython, also giving you correct AutoComplete. As a bonus, this is also an example of using BeautifulSoup - a Python library for parsing badly-formatted HTML - from C# 4.0.,, 11 -, Python-Session-2011-01-22.html