MIX conference is my favorite conference. It is always full of surprises, and it is not restricted to Microsoft technologies. It has been a habit for me to grab the links to MIX videos since MIX 07, and I'm keeping this habit for this year too :). Here is the source code to the Python program which grabs the links. It generates two files: mix09_links.txt which contain only the links so you can import them in your favorite text editor, and mix09_title.txt which contain the title of every session and its URL, so you know the title of the session.

from urllib import urlopen
import re
links_file = open('mix09_links.txt', 'w')
description_file = open('mix09_title.txt', 'w')
    for i in range(16):
        url = 'http://videos.visitmix.com/MIX09/page%s' % (i+1)
        print url # for tracking
        s = urlopen(url).read()
        links = re.findall(r'<h2 class="title" title="(.*?)"><a href="/MIX09/(.*?)">.*?</a></h2>', s)
        for link in links:
            links_file.write('http://mschannel9.vo.msecnd.net/o9/mix/09/wmv-hq/%s.wmv\\n' % link[1].lower())
            description_file.write('%s\\nhttp://mschannel9.vo.msecnd.net/o9/mix/09/wmv-hq/%s.wmv\\n\\n' % (link[0].lower(), link[1]))

and for the lazy person, here are the two files: mix09_title.txt, mix09_links.txt