Last Friday was the date for the 1st EgyPy meeting. Few people showed up. We discussed the release of IronPython 2 Alpha 3, IronRuby, Microsoft support for dynamic languages & DLR. Also, Dody showed us Havana, our CMS which we built using C# & IronPython 1.1. Havana is different because

  1. Havana is not strictly a CMS. It's a content management framework with a helper interface.
  2. It supports uploading of content in zipped files
  3. Command-line interface: So you can type "zip *.jpg" and get all your .jpg images compressed in a zip file!!!
  4. It supports IronPython scripting: It's not just for designers

We discussed how Havana uses IronPython & the chances of integrating DLR with it. Writing a workflow DSL in IronRuby will be very nice [:D]